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Frequently Asked Questions + Answers


Do you do anal glands? 

No, I don't do anal glands, Some groomers do them but I see it as a job for the vet. Its not very nice for your dog and I don't want them to associate coming to be groomed as a bad thing. A healthy dog should empty its anal glands itself when it goes to toilet. Interfering with this process could weaken the muscle and cause problems in the future.

I Just want my dog bathed this time but not clipped. Will you give her just a bath?

Yes of course, I will dry her and brush her too.

My dogs nails need clipping but he doesn't need grooming yet, can I come in just to get his nails done?

Yes, Nail clipping is included in the full groom but if you just want to pop in to get your dogs nails clipped that is fine.

My dog has sensitive skin, can you still bath him?

I would check with your vet first. I do use medicated shampoo on dogs with skin conditions. Your vet may prescribe you a shampoo such as Malaseb which I am happy to use on your dog.

My dog doesn't like other dogs, will she be ok at your groomers?

I only ever groom one dog at a time, Too many dogs in the same environment can create a lot of stress for them. When booking, Please let me know and I will make sure I the previous dog has gone home before you arrive.

I work full time, Can you do my dog in the evening?

Yes, Evening appointments are available Monday to Thursday. There is a 5 additional charge per dog for Any appointment after 4pm

How long will my dog take?

This varies between the breed. A small short haired breed will take between 45mins and 1 hour where as a large breed or a breed which needs clipping and styling will take anything from 1.5 hours to 3 hours.

My puppy has never been groomed before, Will he be scared?

A puppies first groom will be the most important groom of its life, Especially if it is going to need regular grooming throughout its life. I take extra care and time with a puppy's first groom making it as calm and stress free as possible. I would recommend you popping into the groomers a couple of times before his first groom, This is good for getting him used to myself, The new smells and noises he will experience.

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